Can You Score 10/10 These Landmarks Quizzes?

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    Which prehistoric monument is located north of Salisbury, Wiltshire, England?

    • Stonehenge
    • Avebury
    • Falkner’s Circle
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    Champ de Mars, 5 Av. Anatole France, 75007 Paris, France is the address of which famous landmark?

    • Palais Bourbon
    • The Eiffel Tower
    • Pont Royal
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    Which ancient Incan city would you find in Peru?

    • Chichen Itza
    • Taj Mahal
    • Machu Picchu
    • Uxmal
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    Name the world’s longest wall?

    • Hadrian’s Wall
    • Kelasuri Wall
    • Hexamilion wall
    • The Great Wall of China
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    Which landmark overlooks the Black Hills of South Dakota?

    • Mount Rushmore National Memorial
    • Crazy Horse Memorial
    • Black Hills
    • High Plains (United States)
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    Which landmark sits atop an island in Normandy?

    • Mont-Saint-Michel
    • Sottevast
    • Yquelon
    • Virandeville
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    Name the remains of the ancient Greek civilisation in Athens?

    • Acropolis
    • Nike of Callimachus
    • Old Acropolis Museum
    • Caryatid
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    Which famous landmark is located in Pisa, Italy?

    • Leaning Tower of Pisa
    • Piazza dei Miracoli
    • San Michele degli Scalzi
    • Torre Cívica
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    Which 98 feet tall holy figure overlooks Rio de Janeiro?

    • Christ the Redeemer
    • Cristo Luz
    • Christ of the Mercy
    • Cristo Rei of Dili
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    Which famous landmark is located in New York Harbor?

    • Statue of Liberty
    • African Burial Ground National Monument
    • Federal Hall
    • South Street Seaport

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