Quiz: What Is My Blood Type?

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    Suppose you get in trouble for something. What will be your immediate reaction?

    • Feel ashamed and avoid talking to anyone for the rest of the day.
    • I will take the full responsibility if it’s my fault.
    • Handle it with coolness.
    • Damn it! F***!
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    What genre of music do you like the most?

    • I like pop, catchy songs that are in trend right now.
    • I’m an old-fashioned farm human who loves country music.
    • I love to chill out or dance to Hip-hop/Rap/R&B music.
    • Rock- Soft, Pop, Heavy Metal.
    • Indian-Bollywood music.
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    How do you react when you’re around others?

    • I act as a leader and take charge of the groups.
    • I avoid interacting with others because I’m a loner and prefer to be by myself.
    • I am a partyholic person who is always the “life of the party” and enjoy being in social situations.
    • I love to show off by passing out sarcastic and funny comments while conversing with others.
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    How do you view your job?

    • Hard work- It’s stressful and requires a lot of hard work but needs to be done or else there will be no food on my table.
    • Fun- I enjoy trying to complete work on time while also socializing with my colleagues.
    • Competitive- A platform to rise above my peers and become the best in my profession.
    • Responsibility- I am given the responsibility to be in charge of something, so, I must do it with my heart no matter what.
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    Can you lead?

    • Probably not as long as people accept me for who I am, okay.
    • I don’t know man.
    • Of course.
    • Yeah, I think so.
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    Do you like knowing your blood type?

    • Who cares?
    • Yes, it will not hurt.
    • Yes, it’s necessary.
    • I have no feelings towards this.
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    What do you like to eat?

    • Vegetables/fruits- I try to eat as clean as possible, usually plant-based foods.
    • Junk food!- Chips, chocolate, candy, cake…anything sweet or salty!
    • Anything Non-vegetarian- Chicken, beef, pork, fish, I don’t mind, as long as I’m eating one of them in every meal!
    • Fast food- I crave french fries and hamburgers from McDonald’s.
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    Do you like to visit a musical theater or a football game?

    • None either.
    • Why?
    • Football game.
    • Musical theater.
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    Okay, so now what?

    • I don’t know, add another question.
    • We should be done by now.
    • Tell me my blood type.
    • If you have no idea about “What” then finish it already.
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    What do you like to have?

    • Video games.
    • Good finances.
    • Someone to have fun with on a trip.
    • Books! A lot of them.

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